Anil Ravipudi To Enter Politics?

Tollywood director Anil Ravipudi has set social media abuzz with a cryptic and unexpected video. The clip, featuring Ravipudi dressed as a politician, has stirred intense speculation and curiosity among his fans and followers.

In the video, Ravipudi adopts a serious tone, hinting at the formation of a new political party. His statement about aiming for “Ballot Box Success” after tasting success at the box office has left many intrigued.

The director teased, “I’m launching a new party. Details about the candidates will follow soon.”

Fans are actively dissecting the video, attempting to decode its significance, which might hint at an upcoming political-themed movie collaboration with Aha. There’s also speculation swirling around the possibility of Ravipudi stepping into acting for an Aha Production.

For now, Anil Ravipudi has kept things shrouded in mystery, leaving his audience eagerly anticipating more details.