Anger Tales Review & Rating

Starring: Venkatesh Maha, Suhas, Ravindra Vijay, Bindu Madhavi, Phani Acharya, Tharun Bhascker, Madonna Sebastian

Director: Prabhala Tilak

Producers: Sridhar Reddy & Suhas

Music Director: Smaran Sai

Venkatesh Maha who shot to fame with “C/o Kancherapalem” as a director has turned actor with the movie “Anger Tales”. The movie is released on Hotstar and let’s see what’s it all about.

Story: The story revolves around four characters who undergo intense anger due to different situations in their lives. In the first story, Pooja Reddy (Madonna Sebastian), a married woman, is restricted by her vegan husband and mother-in-law from eating the food of her choice. The second story features Giridhar (Phani Acharya), a 32-year-old man who faces hardships in both his personal and professional life due to his bald head. The third story centers around Radha (Bindhu Madhavi), a housewife whose sleep is disrupted by the constant loud chatter of her owner and the owner’s relatives. The final story is about Ranga (Venkatesh Maha), a devoted fan of a star hero who is determined to screen his favorite hero’s benefit show at 7 PM in a single screen.

Plus Points: The last episode, which features Venkatesh Maha, is the highlight of the film. It portrays the emotions of a fan who will go to any extent to support their hero, and the story is both emotional and entertaining. The performances of Venkatesh Maha and Suhas are impressive, and the story also touches upon the issue of theatre damage during re-release movie screenings.

The first episode, featuring Madonna and Tharun Bhascker, conveys a simple but important message about freedom of choice when it comes to food. The performances are decent, and the story is kept short.

The other two stories, featuring Bindhu Madhavi, Phani Acharya, and Ravindra Vijay, are also well-performed. The background score adds to the feel of the film, and the concept of an anthology based on the human emotion of anger is a good one.

Minus Points: However, the biggest drawback of the film is the underwhelming execution of the second and third tales. Although the characterization is well- introduced in the second episode, the plot becomes inconsistent and ends in a silly manner. The third story is dragged out unnecessarily, and the repetitive scenes make it boring. The climax of this tale is also disappointing.

Verdict: The slow pace of the film and the editing team’s failure to eliminate redundant scenes make it less engaging. Overall, “Anger Tales” has its moments, but the inconsistent execution of some stories makes it an average watch.