Allu Arjun’s next movie depends on NTR’s 30

Allu Arjun and NTR are the two biggest superstars of Telugu cinema and also the best dancers among the rest. Both the actors have amassed massive fan following and rose to Pan India stardom with the success of Pushpa and RRR respectively.

Allu Arjun had announced his next movie AA21 with Kortala Siva already, however, as the makers have decided to make Pushpa in two parts, Koratala’s movie will now become AA22. Koratala Siva who was on continuous hits streak has delivered a colossal dud for the first time in his career with Acharya.

Shocked by the result, Koratala has made some changes to his next movie with NTR, tentatively titled NTR30 and unveiled the motion poster which received thunderous applause. Allu Arjun who is planning his career carefully, seems to be in no mood to go ahead with Koratala’s movie until NTR’s movie becomes a hit.

Though Koratal Siva is confident on the movie, there’s a strong sentiment that’s haunting the team. A hero has to go through a streak of flops after doing a Rajamouli movie, and this happened to all the heroes who did a movie with Rajamouli. Most recently, Ram Charan faced the same thing with Acharya after the stupendous success of RRR. It remains to be seen whether NTR will break the jinx or not.