Allu Arjun’ statement about his grandfather irks mega fans

Today was the birth anniversary of the late Allu Ramalingiah and the industry paid rich tributes to the actor. Allu Arjun on his twitter posted “I remember this day when he left us. I know more about him now than on that day. The more I experience many things in life the more I connect to his efforts, struggles, and journey. We all are here today in this position because of this poor farmers passion for cinema”

But this post of his has not gone well with many mega fans as they feel that it is Chiranjeevi who made everything for mega heroes. It was because of his popularity that Allu family came to him and Bunny saying it is because of Allu is hurting them,

So much is being said about this and many are trolling that Allu Arjun wants his recognition on his own and that is the reason, he says it his because of his dad and his grandfather he is made up here in a big way.

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