Allu Arjun Shocks His Wife Sneha Reddy

Allu Arjun surprised everyone when he disclosed that Sneha Reddy was not his first love. As a guest on the Telugu Indian Idol season 2, Allu Arjun made intriguing comments about his romantic past.

Sneha Reddy possesses a glamorous aura that rivals that of a leading heroine. Her allure captivated Allu Arjun at first sight. Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy, who coincidentally met at a function through a mutual friend, became a couple. They exchanged phone numbers and started conversing with each other.

Sneha Reddy, the daughter of Shekhar Reddy, who oversees educational institutions in Hyderabad, initially faced opposition from her father regarding her relationship with Allu Arjun. He harbored concerns about her security as Bunny was an actor. However, Sneha Reddy was deeply committed to her love for Allu Arjun, stating, “If I marry, it will only be to Allu Arjun.” Eventually, Shekhar Reddy agreed, and the marriage between his daughter Sneha Reddy and Allu Arjun took place grandly in Hyderabad in March 2011, attended by celebrities.

However, Allu Arjun surprised everyone with a revelation during his appearance as a guest on Telugu Indian Idol season 2. After singer Shruti performed the song “Pilaga Nuvu Iraga Iraga,” which deeply impressed Allu Arjun, he humorously shared that his first love’s name was actually Shruti, leading to laughter.

This disclosure by Allu Arjun has stirred curiosity and generated interest among his fans and the audience.