Allu Arjun Sets New Record With His Remuneration

The soaring success of Telugu films nationwide has caused a stir in the industry, notably in the remuneration demands of star heroes for their upcoming projects. Speculation and discussions in Film Nagar are centering around Icon Star Allu Arjun, and the figures being tossed around are quite eye-catching.

Reports suggest an unprecedented deal for Allu Arjun in the upcoming “Pushpa 2,” directed by Sukumar. Allegedly, the star has negotiated a remarkable agreement entailing a substantial 33% share from the entire revenue generated across pre-sales avenues—be it theatrical, OTT, satellite, dubbing, or audio rights. Analysts foresee “Pushpa 2” potentially amassing over ₹1000 crores in sales, implying Allu Arjun could pocket ₹330+ crores from this venture. A staggering figure indeed, prompting discussions about a potential new record in the industry.

Comparisons are being drawn to Superstar Rajinikanth, rumored to charge ₹210 crores for his latest film. Even in the broader Hindi or pan-Indian market, figures of ₹150-200 crores are mentioned for actors like Prabhas, Salman Khan, and Shahrukh Khan in external productions. With this lucrative deal, it seems Allu Arjun might have surpassed Rajinikanth and other major superstars, positioning himself as the highest-paid actor in the country.