Allu Arjun Scared Of That Heroine?

Bhanu Shree Mehra, the actress who made her debut in Tollywood opposite Allu Arjun in the film Varudu. Has been making headlines as she has been blocked by the Icon Star himself on social media. Bhanu Shree Mehra has since turned to YouTube, creating content and tagging celebrities in hopes of gaining attention and subscribers to her channel.

In one of her recent posts, she mentioned Allu Arjun, writing, “Actor turned content creator, trying to prove that I’m more than just ‘THAT girl from VARUDU’- a film that’s like a distant memory from a past life 😅! Help me out & go subscribe ? I promise my YouTube videos are more entertaining than my film career !” She also tagged the actor in the post, which may have contributed to her getting blocked.

Fans speculate that the actress was spamming everyone with continuous tweets to promote her channel and gain attention, leading Allu Arjun to take action and block her. While the actor has not made an official statement on the matter, it is clear that his former co-star’s actions did not go unnoticed.

Following Varudu, Mehra appeared in several Telugu films but has struggled to gain much recognition in the industry.