Adipurush Movie Review

Cast: Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh, Sai Ali Khan, and others

Director: Om Raut

Producers: Om Raut, Bhushan Kumar, Prasad Sutar, Krishan Kumar

Prabhas, the Pan-Indian star, returns to the silver screen with Adipurush, a mythological drama directed by Om Raut. The film showcases Prabhas as Lord Rama, Kriti Sanon as Sita, and Saif Ali Khan as the evil Ravana. With an impressive budget allocated for VFX, T Series and Retrophiles join hands as the producers. Despite high expectations following two recent disappointments, Saaho, and Radhe Shyam, Adipurush manages to captivate viewers with its stunning visuals and commendable music.


Adipurush presents a commercialized version of the Ramayana, which is a mixed bag. The film’s first 50% is undeniably impressive, drawing viewers into its world. The visuals exceed expectations, reminiscent of Hollywood’s fictional films rather than traditional Hindu mythology. The artwork of Ravana’s fort, the portrayal of his demons, and the captivating depiction of Hanuma and Sugriva, along with their den, showcase great attention to detail. However, some fight sequences suffer from subpar VFX, though it doesn’t significantly detract from the overall experience.

Music and Background Score:

The background score and music in Adipurush deserve special mention, as they greatly enhance the film’s narrative. Excellent compositions accompany the story, immersing the audience in the mythological world being portrayed. This aspect of the film does not disappoint, adding emotional depth and resonance to the scenes.

Performance and Casting:

Prabhas shines in the role of Lord Rama, proving to be a valuable asset to the film. His portrayal of the beloved deity is commendable and captivating, capturing the essence of the character. Kriti Sanon delivers a noteworthy performance as Sita, bringing grace and charm to the screen. Saif Ali Khan’s portrayal of the evil Ravana adds depth and complexity to the antagonist’s character.

Climax and Overall Impression:

Adipurush’s climax occupies the final 20% of the film and, unfortunately, falls short of the high expectations set by its captivating beginning. This portion feels average, failing to sustain the same level of engagement as the earlier parts. However, families and children may find more likeability in this modern interpretation of the Ramayana.


In conclusion, Adipurush offers a mixed viewing experience. While the film’s visuals surpass expectations, the narrative progression suffers from a lackluster middle portion and an average climax. Nevertheless, Prabhas’s portrayal of Lord Rama, supported by Kriti Sanon’s performance as Sita, is a standout aspect of the film. Adipurush can be considered a one-time watch or a good watch, depending on individual preferences.