Adah Sharma Raves About Nani’s Meet Cute

Natural Star Nani is bankrolling the project Meet Cute and his sister Deepti Gahana is making her debut as the director. The film will have five heroines and Adah Sharma is one of them.

Adha speaking about the project raved about Nani. She said “It’s a rom-com with a twist,” She added. “It’s like a one-night story where romance will be an integral part of the episode. I was instantly hooked to the concept of when the director narrated it, and I signed up for it because it’s something that’s never been done in Telugu.”

She reveals “I’ve seen all of Nani’s films and the choices of scripts are amazing, so when he decided to bankroll this project, I knew the concept must be intriguing. And when I heard the narration, it turned out that my thinking was right,” she adds. “Because that’s when knowledge transfer happens… when you are part of such innovative films.”