Actress Vanitha Gets Attacked

Amidst the escalating tensions surrounding Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7. Actress Vanitha Vijaykumar fell victim to a disturbing incident, allegedly attacked by an individual claiming allegiance to Pradeep Antony, a contestant evicted from the show.

Vanitha, known for her reviews of the show on YouTube, shared a harrowing account on Twitter (now X) detailing the assault she faced. She recounted how, after completing her review and having dinner, she was confronted by an unknown man outside her sister Sowmya’s dimly lit house. The assailant inquired about a ‘red card,’ referring to Pradeep’s eviction from the show.

The ongoing conflict arose following Pradeep’s expulsion from the Bigg Boss house after host Kamal Haasan showed him a red card, following concerns expressed by female contestants regarding their safety due to alleged threats and disrespectful behavior.

The situation worsened as Pradeep’s supporters, dismayed by his exit, accused participants of using the ‘women card’ to eliminate a strong contestant. Despite a significant outcry from Tamil Nadu celebrities backing Pradeep, many refrained from condemning his misogynistic remarks made on the show.

This incident of violence against Vanitha adds to the distressing atmosphere. Previous contestants, Maya S Krishnan and Poornima Ravi, had also expressed concerns about potential attacks from Pradeep’s fans post-eviction.

The repercussions of the show extend beyond physical assaults. Aishu, another ousted contestant, revealed contemplating suicide due to relentless cyberbullying. She apologized to Pradeep, seemingly to protect herself and her family from the negative onslaught on social media, highlighting the severe impact of online hate.

The unfolding events around Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 have not only sparked debates about the fairness of eliminations but have also exposed the dark side of fan fervor and the grave implications of cyberbullying on contestants’ mental health.