Actor Naresh’s Efforts Gone In Vain

Senior actor Naresh invested a significant amount of money to produce a film titled ‘Malli Pelli’ with the intention of avoiding a decline in his career. The film revolves around a complex romantic storyline, mirroring Naresh’s own efforts to suppress personal difficulties in real life. In order to garner attention from the masses, Naresh resorted to extensive publicity stunts and spent crores on promoting the movie.

Despite facing controversies, Naresh went ahead with the film’s release. However, with audiences demanding high-quality content, the film failed to attract viewers to theaters. Consequently, Naresh’s substantial investment did not yield the desired outcome, leading to significant financial losses.

Ultimately, the film’s failure resulted in Naresh becoming the subject of public criticism and disappointment. The concept of ‘remarriage’ depicted in the film reflected the dark aspects of love, creating an unfortunate situation for Naresh.