Sigh Of Relief For Senior Actor Naresh

There has been a long-standing feud between senior actor Naresh and his ex-wife, Ramya Raghupathi. During the release of Naresh’s film “Malli Pelli,” Ramya approached the court to halt its release. Subsequently, when the film was set for an OTT release, Ramya once again sought a stall order from the court.

However, the recent judgment has ruled in favor of Naresh and imposed a ban on Ramya from entering his house under any circumstances. Regarding the stalling of the film, the court found the grounds on which Mrs. Raghupathi filed the case to be legally untenable. The court emphasized that the movie’s content was purely fictional, as certified by the Board of Film Certification, Government of India.

Accordingly, once the film is certified as fictional by the censor board, a private individual has no grounds to obstruct its release. With this decision, the court has brought an end to the legal dispute, affirming the movie’s right to be released as per the certification it has obtained.