Aadipurush Team Gets Trolled For Insulting Telugu

There has been a recurring issue within the Telugu circuit regarding the promotional tweets for the upcoming epic film “Aadipurush” directed by Om Raut and starring Superstar Prabhas and Kriti Sanon. Despite appeals made to address the matter, it seems that these concerns have been ignored.

As the release of “Aadipurush,” a retelling of the epic Ramayana, approaches in a couple of weeks, promotional tweets from the film’s director and producers consistently contain inaccurately spelled Telugu lines, whether they are lyrics or captions. Even in a recent tweet by Om Raut, the lines “శక్తివంతులం.. భక్తివంతులం” were misspelled. It appears that the Bollywood promotion designers lack an understanding of Telugu and are disregarding these mistakes by posting them as they are.

Considering the substantial budget of approximately ₹500 crores invested in the movie, one would expect that a small portion of it could be allocated to ensure the accurate representation of Telugu lines in the promotional material. The prevalent opinion circulating in the film’s digital promotions questions whether the filmmakers have taken proper care in the Telugu dubbing process, as any negligence in this aspect could significantly impact Prabhas’ popularity in the local market.

Concerns regarding the incorrect spelling of Telugu lines in the promotional tweets for “Aadipurush” have persisted despite appeals for improvement. The potential consequences of this oversight on the film’s reception, particularly in the Telugu-speaking market, are raising apprehension among fans.