A Stroke Of Big Bad Luck For Rashmi

Rashmi Gautham who began her career as an actress with the movies like Holi and Current has later turned into a TV host and found much success. Though she acted in some movies after attaining fame, TV has always been her first choice.

The hot and sultry actress got a lucky chance to shake the leg with none other than Megastar Chiranjeevi. As per the reports, a song has been shot on her and Chiranjeevi for the Bhola Shankar movie. However, the latest reports suggest that the movie team has decided to scrap her song and reshoot the same song with a star heroine.

But, nothing to worry about for Rashmi Gautham, the director seems to have decided to cast her in an important role as compensation for scrapping her song. It seems Chiranjeevi has advised Meher Ramesh to get Rashmi on board for a role and hence he obliged.