Gild, Gilt, Guild, Guilt

GILD: Gild is a verb meaning to covering something with goldleaf, or gold-coloured painting, or gold tinge. Figuratively, gild refers to make something attractive, shiny, and bright. Examples:

Sham gilded his car, and put it up in the market to sell both online and offline.

The morning sun gilded the whole house as it stood facing the east.

‘Gild the lily’ is an idiom meaning to enrich or improve something that is already satisfactory.

‘Gild the pill’ means making something attractive otherwise it is unpleasant.

Gilded is an adjective. Gilded refers to someone who is wealthy, who belongs to upper-classes.

Gilder is a person who gilds (gives shine akin to gold) things.

Gilding is a noun: applying gilt to something. Example: The Vermas have about dozen gilded portraits in their ancestral house.

GILT: Gilt is gold, or something resembling to gold which is applied to a surface of something as a thin layer (to give shine or glitter or the illusion that it is made of gold). Gilt is a thin layer of gold or any material that resembles gold. Examples:

Gilt ornaments are not uncommon in the studios of movies.

Often some girls wear gilt in the place of gold ornaments

Gilts (plural noun) or gilt-edged securities (in financial parlance) refer to the securities issued by the Bank of England (UK); and also denote that they are of the highest value. Example: Gilt-edged books have pages in the book with gilded edges.

Gilt-edged is also an adjective meaning not risky, secure and safe.  Examples:

Their investments are all in gilt-edged bonds.

Warren Buffet had the knowledge and the knack to invest in gilt-edged securities, stocks and shares that produced good financial dividends.

Gilts is a young female pig approaching the age of breeding.

‘Take the gilt off the gingerbread’ is an idiom referring to do or be something as result makes a situation or achievement or an accomplishment less attractive or worthwhile.

GUILD: Guild is a society or association of people with similar interests, or like-minded aims such as the guilds of artisans, craftsmen, merchants, editors (Editors Guild).

Guildhall is a building in which members of a guild met.

Guilder (or gulden) is a unit of money in Netherlands (Holland).

GUILT: Guilt as a noun refers to someone having done a wrong, someone blamed for a wrongdoing (Their guilt-written brows said of their omissions), anxiety of unhappiness in someone as a result of doing something wrong. Its adjectival form is guilty.

People who live without guilt shine like gold…!