Sajjala is the driving force behind Vidadala Rajini?

Vidadala Rajini

Vidadala Rajini is one of the firebrand ladies in the YSRCP. While she started her journey in TDP she finally landed in YSRCP. While she is a latecomer in YSRCP, the cadre and leaders are surprised by her growth in YSRCP.

Vidadala Rajini

The first instance that raised many eyebrows is when she was able to snatch away the YSRCP ticket from senior YSRCP leader Marri Rajasekhar.

The other instance where she showed her stamina in YSRCP is after her cadre and family members attacked the convoy of MP Lavu Krishna devarayulu, she was left untouched by the disciplinary committee of the party. In normal cases, there should have been at least a show-cause notice. But nothing of that sort happened.

On the contrary, in another instance where she alleged that her phone was tapped by party MP Lavu Krishna Devarayulu, she was successful in getting a couple of police personnel transferred with immediate effect.

Observing all these instances, the YSRCP leaders and cadre is trying to guess who is the God father of Vidadala Rajini in the party. Many believe she has the support of YSRCP senior leader Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy, as she was a strategic helicopter drop into the party at the behest of the senior leader.