KCR beats NTR , Runs govt without cabinet

Telangana chief minister Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao,who is popular like NTR with a three -letter acronym KCR, beat  record created by his political mentor and TDP founder NT Ramarao in running the state government without cabinet for more than three weeks, a record of sorts.

Rao, who took oath as  chief minister for second term on December 13, 2018, has been running the government without a cabinet. Rao’s cabinet has only one member, Mahmood Ali, who was administered oath along with the chief minister same day. He was  assigned with  home department. It has been now more than 20 days  and there has been no sign of cabinet formation in sight. Many cite lack of auspicious murtham for the cabinet appointment.

Earlier, NTR Ramarao was the only chief minister who ran the government without a single colleague way back in 1989. NTR dismissed entire cabinet following leak of budget proposals before they were tabled in Andhra Pradesh Assembly. Only after 17 days did NTR form a new cabinet with 23 members. NTR, who ruled the government like a despot used to think everything other than his persona was a myth. So,he was under the impression that chief minister represents the entire cabinet and there was no need for one. But, officials persuaded him to have a cabinet as it was a prerequisite of a democratic government.

Now KCR has broken NTR record with 20 days.

Many see similarity in the attitudes of NTR and KCR. Both are able administrators with complete command over the party and the administration. They both have a streak of dictatorship and disregard for others.