What is Balakrishna’s bottle mystery

Natasimha Balakrishna has immense popularity but whatever he does or doesn’t will become viral on social media. Despite his stardom and good deeds,he is the only star who gets trolled mercilessly by the netizens. Balakrishna’s frank talk, actions like slapping his fans attract the ire of his detractors.

Balakrishna however has a kind heart and this is proven many times. Shivaji Raja speaking to scribes revealed Balakrishna’s water bottles mystery. He said when both were going in a car to attend a function in Chennai, Balakrishna suddenly asked the driver to stop the car while he was recollecting his memories with Madras.

He went down and purchased 25 water bottles and carried all by himself. Shivaji Raja said when he asked why he brought so many bottles, Balakrishna replied that they are going to a five star hotel and there each bottle costs Rs 100.

He revealed that when they were entering the five-star hotel in Chennai, they happened to meet Venkatesh and when he asked about water bottles, he narrated the whole conversation. He said Venkatesh also agreed with Balakrishna saying he was right.

Sivaji Raja said once Balakrishna invited him for a breakfast and when he went there orphanage management came to seek donations from Balakrishna. He said they were stunned when Balakrishna gave them the cheque. Balakrishna donated ten times the amount they requested him.