Will Hyderabad have a new name: The next big question

A fear that is hounding many Hyderabadis these days is over a possible change of name, if BJP is voted to power. BJP has been fighting tooth and nail in the run-up to the GHMC polls to be held tomorrow.


Hyderabad to be Bhagyanagar?


It flew in many of its top brass, each of whom raised a new issue and questioned the credibility of the TRS government. One of the major issues that BJP focused was on how they wanted the state to be rid of family-run governance. They have been harping on providing a public-centric government.

These are no assembly elections, but the election to the 150-ward civic polls have become prestigious to all parties involved. Another major issue that has come forth during the campaigning of BJP was that of a possible name change of Hyderabad. Already, Tejaswi Surya, president of BJP yuva morcha had addressed the city as Bhagyanagar, right in his opening sentence.

Later, when UP CM Yogi Adityanath visited the city as a part of campaigning, he revealed that many people were asking for a name change of Hyderabad.

So now the big question for many residents and non-residents of the city, who claim Hyderabad to be their home town, is if the BJP would go ahead with its plan if it is voted to power.

Hyderabad – has many emotions attached to it and is also symbolic of the ganga-jamuni tehzeeb of the city. Speaking about the same to Navika Kumar of Times Network, MA & UD minister KTR has said that their government was a game-changer and not a name-changer.

“We are concerned about the life of aam admi. What’s with changing a name? If you change the name of Ahmedabad to New York, will it become New York? If I change my name to Amitabh Bachchan, will I become Amitabh Bachchan?,” KTR countered in a question about retaining the name, if they win a majority.