Top secret revealed Naresh-Pavitra Lokesh’s relationship

Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh have been hogging the headlines for the past few months for their alleged relationship. While Naresh had married thrice and divorced all of them, Pavitra Lokesh is married and living separately from her husband for quite some time. Pavitra Lokesh’s husband recently blamed her for leaving the kids for the sake of lavish life which Naresh could afford.

Though it was buzzed that they both will get married soon, a shocking secret was revealed about their relationship. It’s said that Naresh and Pavitra are living together under an agreement and they have no plans to get married.

As per the agreement, Naresh has to pay Pavitra Lokesh a sum of Rs. 25 lakhs per month and if he gets into an affair with any other lady or ignores her during the agreement period, Naresh has to pay Pavitra a huge sum of 50 crores as a settlement amount.