This is not the last pandemic, warns WHO chief

Corona was a huge wake-up call for human beings world over. The virus that struck humans in Wuhan, China, has spread all over the world within days and the whole world has come under the hold of the pandemic.


WHO chief Tedros Adhanom warns of more pandemics if proper policies are not undertaken


Various vaccines are being tested and the President-elect of United States even got a shot of the corona vaccine on camera. This has led to some solace to people around the world that some ‘vaccine’ is on the way.

However, this is no cause to rejoice warns WHO chief Tedros Adhanom. He says human beings cannot remain callous or relaxed if they solve the corona crisis. According to him, the world will face many more pandemics if the basic causes are not kept under check.

If the world does not focus on climate change, conservation and animal care, humans are bound to get infected by various forms of unwanted elements he said.

Speaking on epidemic preparedness day, Tedros warned people that corona is not the end. We are focusing only on the medicine. Lots of money is being spent on the cure. But very little has been done to do away with the causes that lead to such pandemics, he said during a video interaction.

He said that the human race hasn’t learnt from corona crisis. All that was done was to splurge money on vaccines. The primary causes haven’t been tackled. Even if one considers corona, the situation has become better to a certain extent. Now, that the conditions are okay, people and governments are getting lax. That’s where the danger lies, he said.

The current pandemic has clearly shown the link between human beings’ health, animals and the planet, said Tedros.

Ever since the pandemic hit humans, nearly 1.74 million people have died and 80 million cases have been registered.

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