The unlucky hero who missed Gang Leader movie

The movie industry is quite unpredictable. Most actors try to be selective while choosing the movies but sometimes, they end up losing not only a chance to be a part of a hit movie but also putting their career at risk. No one ever knows which role rejection could turn out to be the biggest mistake in their careers.

One such big mistake was done by a hero who was the first choice for the 1991s blockbuster movie Gang Leader. Initially, Chiranjeevi’s younger brother Nagababu was considered for the hero’s role in the movie, and the movie was titled Arey O Samba.

However, he felt that he couldn’t do justice to the role as he had just begun his career in movies and it was later grabbed by Chiranjeevi. The makers have made some minor changes to suit Chiranjeevi’s image and changed the title to Gang Leader. The movie which was released on 9th May 1991 was a sensational hit and broke many of the existing box-office records.