Telugu Film Chamber opposes Pawan Kalyan

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s blistering attack on the AP government headed by CM Jagan Mohan Reddy is creating ripples in the industry. while many top stars in Tollywood remained silent, young actors came in support of Pawan Kalyan for bluntly highlighting the problems faced by the industry.

However, Telugu Film Chamber came with a shocker. Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce surprised all by opposing Pawan Kalyan. They released a press statement with its President Narayan Das Narang thanking the AP and Telangana governments for responding favorably in addressing all the problems.

The press note ran “Recently Various individuals have expressed their views, opinions, and anguish on different platforms. These are not the voices of the Industry as a whole,” After Pawan Kalyan’s blistering attack AP Ministers Perni Nani and Anil counter-attacked Pawan Kalyan. YSRCP leaders also attacked Pawan Kalyan for his controversial speech. Following this Telugu Film Chamber entered into a damage control mode.