Star Hero who rejected Bimbisara

There are several movies that were rejected by various stars but later proved blockbusters and have defined the careers of the actors who grabbed them. Pawan Kalyan rejected Idiot and Pokiri movies which made Ravi Teja and Mahesh Babu superstars.

As per the latest update, ‘Mass Maharaj’ Ravi Teja who recently delivered duds in a row with Khiladi and Rama Rao On Duty seems to have missed a blockbuster. The director Vashisht had initially approached Ravi Teja for Bimbisara. Though Ravi Teja liked the script, he couldn’t agree as the character has negative shades and worried how his fans would take it and hence rejected it.

Eventually, the movie went to Kalyan Ram and the actor who usually encourages new talent accepted it and it paid off. The recently released Bimbisara is going strong at the box office and declared a super hit. In fact, it’s the biggest hit in Kalyan Ram’s career and the makers are busy with the sequels for the movie.