Sonu Sood’s charity only to join politics?


Sonu Sood has been receiving a lot of praise ever since the lockdown has happened. Firstly, he opened his restaurant and fed many medical workers free of cost to date. But things did not stop there for him as he did the unthinkable.

Sonu Sood arranged private buses for the migrant workers and held them to reach their villages. A few days back, he helped 100 people to get to their village through trains. All his good work has some of his detractors in Mumbai.

Some media houses have reported that Sonu Sood is doing all this to make his entry into politics in the days to come. The talk is that Sonu will soon a popular party and is eyeing a political career and that is the reason, he is doing all this. Only time will tell whether there is any truth in all this.