Rajanikanth’s leaked letter creates tremors

Super Star Rajinikanth has a massive fan following among all sections of people across the world. He is regarded as the super hero and his fans in Tamil Nadu expect him to transform the state with his magical powers by entering politics.

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Rajinikanth’s leaked letter

His political entry had been speculated for over decades and at times even his supporters got restless even as his opponents made fun of his indecisiveness. Finally, he made a plunge into politics but even after one year, he didn’t reveal the party name or policies. Instead, he started lining up crazy projects on the silver screen.

In the midst of all this, Rajanikanth’s leaked letter is creating tremors. The leaked letter spoke about Rajinikanth’s kidney transplantation in the US in 2016 and doctors advice to Rajini asking him not to enter politics. Rajinikanth clarifying on the leaked letter said though information about his health and doctors advice is true, the letter doesn’t belong to him. He said “Everyone knows that it is not my statement. However, the information in it related to my health status and doctors advise to me is entirely true,”

The doctors are said to have advised Rajinikanth”Now you are 70 years old. The immunity will be pretty low for you since you have undergone a renal transplant when compared to others. Hence, the chance of you contracting the coronavirus is very high,”. The letter also mentioned Rajini saying “I don’t worry much about myself; not as much as about those who are around me,”

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