Pawan Kalyan’s Heroine Duped

Meera Chopra romanced Pawan Kalyan in Bangaram. Meera Chopra speaking to scribes said she has been duped by her interior designer. Meera Chopra, tagging her message to Maharashtra CM said “#womansafety should be the utmost priority where you live, but then why do lawmakers shy away from taking action? A girl living alone should be protected anyhow (sic).”

Sharing her ordeal she said “I was duped by my interior designer. I had filed an FIR against him nearly two months ago, yet no action has been taken against him. These people should be answerable to lawmakers and society. If nobody questions them then it only encourages them to do it over and over again,”

Meera Chopra said “I appointed this interior designer to do up my house in Mumbai. We planned the house interiors for Rs 17 lakhs. I paid him Rs 8 lakhs in advance as I was leaving for a shoot for 12 days and he promised me that in my absence he would finish a good amount of work. When I came back, I was unhappy with his work. When I pointed it out to him he got aggressive. I asked him to return my money and stop the work. I am sure he only utilised Rs 1.5 lakhs for my house work, and so, I asked him to return the rest but he refused. It is only after this that I lodged an FIR against him.”

She added “I approached the police regarding this and now I have taken to social media. I am not going to stop until some action is taken against him.”