Pan India star in deep struggle

The world of cinema is full of money, fame, power, and glamour. A single hit makes even an ordinary person a demigod overnight. However, not everyone knows how to carry the fame and continue to live their dreams forever! There’s no particular reason why some find fame and fortune and others don’t despite huge talent.

Though actors get huge success, it’s not easy to maintain for a long time and actors often land in a deep dilemma in choosing their next movies after a career-defining blockbuster. Now, the actor Yash seems to be in deep confusion after delivering two massive blockbusters in the form of KGF and KGF2 which made him a Pan India star overnight.

While other Pan India heroes Prabhas, Allu Arjun, NTR, and Ram Charan have signed their next projects, Yash is yet to decide on his next movie. It’s rumored that Shankar is planning a movie with Yash but nothing has been confirmed officially.