Nani Interacts With Pediatrician Over Third wave

Nani interacts with pediatrician over third wave

The whole world is in trepidation about the third wave of the coronavirus and its effect on children. Although some of the doctors clarified that the third wave effect on children will not be serious, parents are still fearsome about the coming wave.

To overcome these fears of the parents, Nani has taken an active step by having a conversation with Dr. Sivaranjani, a pediatrician. He made sure he covers up all the doubts and questions that are prevailing in the minds of the parents. He shared the video and posted “One interview. One stop for all your doubts as a parent. Covid awareness for parents with @dr_sivaranjani Share it with every parent you know. This is important”.

This effort of Nani is being appreciated from all the places, and to the extent, this video is sending some kind of relief to the parents in doubt. Previously Nani also made a video that was a tribute to the frontline workers and doctors who lost their lives to save many lives.