Manchu Vishnu gets trolled because of Sunny Leone

Manchu Vishnu has been trying hard to score a blockbuster and jump to the big league of star heroes for nearly two decades, but, he is still far behind. The actor who is busy with other business activities is currently doing a movie GINNA which is most likely release in October this year.

Manchu Vishnu, who is also MAA president had recently met producer ‘Dil’ Raju and requested him to support local talent and hire only the MAA members in the movies. Though his request had a valid point and was worth appreciating, he got trolled badly by the netizens.

Commenting on his tweet, netizens started blaming him for roping Sunny Leone as the heroine in his upcoming movie GINNA by ignoring the local talent. The netizens criticized him for his ‘dual’ standards and asked him to lead by example rather than telling the producers what to do.