Starring: Pooja Bhalekar, Miya Muqi, Abhimanyu Singh, Rajpal Yadav

Director: Ram Gopal Varma

Producers: Naresh T, Sridhar, Ram Gopal Varma

Music Director: Ravi Shankar

Ram Gopal Varma who was once hailed as one of India’s finest directors is no longer the same. The director who delivered some of the amazing films like Shiva, Rangeela, Company, Sarkaar and 26/11 Attacks had lost his midas touch. The last few years have been the worst in his career, all his latest movies are below par to his talent. After a dud like Konda, RGV has come up with another movie Ladki which he promoted extensively. The movie has finally hit the theaters with low expectations. Let’s see how the movie fares.


Pooja (Pooja Bhalekar) who admires the martial arts legend Bruce Lee comes to the city to get herself trained in the martial arts. Pooja gets trained under a senior coach who is under immense pressure to vacate his den which worth crores of rupees. The villain (Abhimanyu Singh and his gang) kill the coach and Pooja is forced alone to handle the situation all alone. How does Pooja face the situation is the whole story of the film.

Plus Points:

In the recent times, it’s become tough to pick a plus point in RGV’s movies. One of the major asset in the movie is the leading lady Pooja Bhalekar. She is good in all her action blocks. She is quite flexible and has an athletic body.

Abhimanyu Singh has done justice to his negative role. The guy who played Pooja’s boyfriend was decent. The climax sequence has been shot well and it’s gripping.

Minus Points:

The movie has a lot of drawbacks. The story and how it is dealt is quite old and boring to the core. There is no emotional connect in the movie. The poor performances by the C-grade actors makes the movie further worse.


On the whole, LADKI is an outdated and boring action drama. RGV who hails himself as the biggest fan of Bruce Lee made this movie as a tribute to Bruce Lee, but his is cheap, vulgar and worthless movie.