Kangana targets Maharastra CM with her tweets

Kangana Ranaut has been firmly standing straight to get Sushanth Singh Rajput his justice. Ever since he has been killed, Kangana has been voicing her opinion saying that some big names have been involved.

She named Maharashtra CM’s son, Aditya Thackrey in all this and now she has targeted the CM Uddhav Thackrey himself with a strong tweet through her PR posts. “I firmly believe Rhea is coached by Papu Penguin. Unknowingly she lighted the match for CBI and then fueled it with petrol by moving to SC. Thank you Rhea. posted Kangana

The CBI has taken over and daily, so many twists and turns the case is taking over now. Rhea is also not staying back and has taken to the opposition and fighting her case. Only time will tell what happens next.

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