Janasainiks Deeply Hurt by Pawan Kalyan’s Decision

Minutes after the close of nominations, Janasena Party announced giving unconditional support to the BJP in the GHMC Elections. The decision has come after Pawan Kalyan’s meeting with Union Minister Kishan Reddy, BJP Senior Leader Lakshman, and other leaders.

Pawan Kalyan's decision on GHMC elections hurts Janasainiks
Pawan Kalyan’s decision on GHMC elections hurts Janasainiks

Janasena wanted to contest the election in an alliance with BJP. Still, the Saffron Party reportedly not agreed to leave out a respectable number of seats since Janasena has no strength to win an election, they feel. They finally managed to get Janasena’s unconditional support. The candidates who filed nominations can withdraw until 3 PM on the 22nd of this month.

This decision of Pawan Kalyan has hurt and disappointed many Janasainiks who were looking to contest in the GHMC elections. They are feeling cheated and are of the opinion that Pawan has merged Janasena with BJP unofficially. Many people trolled Megastar Chiranjeevi when he merged his party Praja Rajyam with Congress but now they are commenting that Pawan is no different.

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