Is this Kavitha’s portfolio?

According to all indications, Telangana CM KCR is taking a cue from PM Modi and is planning to do the same for his daughter Kavitha. Just like how PM Modi elevated his right-hand man Amit Shah by making him the Union Home Minister, KCR is planning the same for his daughter.

Is this Kavitha’s portfolio?

Recently allegations came on a BC minister in KCR’s cabinet. This is sending signals that something is brewing. Earlier KCR planned to send Kavitha to Rajya Sabha but later changed his plans. He decided to make Kavitha MLC and he feels mere MLC is not enough.

KCR is planning to induct Kavitha into his cabinet and make her the home minister. He feels this will give Kavitha all powers in the party just like how KTR and Harish Rao are having as ministers. It is known that KCR for long has been dreaming of playing an important role in the national politics and is working accordingly to realise his dream.

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