Can China’s latest super computer beat Google’s Sycamore?

It is known that China is in a rush to have its supremacy in the tech world and it is in direct war with the US in this domain. The tech war race has heated up in the past few years with China putting its best to lead in terms of quantum computing power.


China’s quantum answer to Sycamore?


It was just last year that tech giant Google grabbed headlines and eyeballs when it announced that Sycamore quantum computer had achieved quantum advantage. Sycamore, it was said, could perform computation in 200 seconds that would take the fastest of the fastest computers about 10,000 years. Now, that was indeed a quantum leap in computing.

But not to be left behind, China has now announced that they have developed a quantum computer prototype named Juizhang. Well, if their claims are to be believed, Jiuzhang will deliver results in minutes, what will be calculated in 2 billion years by the best efforts of world’s third-most superfast computer. The Chinese researchers claim that Jiuzhang can process 10 billion times faster than Google’s Sycamore.

This new development marks China’s first milestone in its mission to attain leadership in quatum computing. Interestingly, Jiuzhang will do what Chinese supercomputer TaihuLight will do in 2.5 billion years.

Despite all its claims, Jiuzhang cannot be used in real-life applications immediately. China has invested heavily in quantum computing nearing up to $10 billion. Experiments are carried out through the country’s National Laboratory of Quantum Information Science.