Who is Pawan’s inspiration JP or AK?

Everyone creates one creates their own destiny. But very few realize this. It is good, to be honest, but however, people will not support honesty alone. They do not even vote for them and do not even repent for their acts.

Pawan Kalyan, chief of Jana Sena chief is known for his honesty. But after watching his political stint for so many years, one gets a feeling that he should shed away his honesty as soon as possible.

What is surprising his mega family which takes into consideration various factors while launching their kin as heroes in Tollywood are failing to do the same when it comes to politics. Politics involves lot of mudslingings and a witty politician is one who escapes from that and throws the same at his rivals. But this knack is not there in mega compound.

Mega Star Chiranjeevi who used to be Andarivaadu before entering politics, got confined to KondariVaadu joining in it. Coming to Pawan Kalyan, for long he has been facing criticism on his various acts. He has immense fan following but despite this, he became a comedy star in politics.

Seems Pawan is failing to be tough against his rivals who have been assassinating his character. If we take Jagan Mohan Reddy, we have never seen him praises his political rivals. If rivals do good, one need not praise, we can just be calm.

Pawan may be of the opinion that he will express his views honestly but it will not help. During the YSR regime, Jayaprakash Narayan launched Lok Satta. Among those Telugu politicians, no one would be as honest as Jayaprakash Narayan. Many celebrities have been his fans and expressed their desire to vote for them. However in politics, more than honesty, one needs the firepower and strategy to get power.

JP failed here. He boasted that by 2024, his party will be the talking point at the national level. But he is not seen anywhere. At the same time, we have seen how Kejriwal created a sensation. JP and Kejriwal tried to reach their goal but the strategies they followed are different. So Pawan should realize this and decided upon himself as to whether he draws inspiration from JP or AK?

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