Viral: CBN’s picture in Jagan’s flexi

There are many political rivals in the country but bitter rivals are only few. When we think of bitter rivals, people will remember only politicians from Andhra Pradesh.

AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy and former CM Chandra Babu naidu do not see eye to eye and they have been fighting ferocious battles for many years till now. Under these circumstances what is surprising is the appearance of Chandra Babu’s picture in Jagan’s flexi.

Generally people do not see the opposition leaders pictures in Government schemes. But in Tirupati this shocking incident happened. Only photos of the ministers should be there as it a government program. But much to the surprise of all, apart from Jagan’s photo,even Chandra Babu Naidu’s photo appeared.

When YSRCP cadre questioned the officials they confessed the mistake. This is the biggest blunder on the part of the government. YSRP cadre is feeling that they have unnecessarily given credit to Chandra Babu. Some say few government officials are still in the hangover that Chandra Babu is the Chief Minister.

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