Modi Says Indian Astronaut Will be in Space by 2020

(Kautilya Arya)


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday delivered his fifth consecutive Independence Day speech from the rampart of historic Red Fort in which he sounded achievements and ambition of his government.

In an one-and-half hour speech after unfurling the tricolour, Modi utilised the occasion to present the performance of NDA government since he took over as the Prime Minister in May 2014 with emphasis that what the previous regime could not able to do, he has tried to do by trying to come up to the expectation of citizens in last four years.

The Prime Minister tried to inspire confidence in the people by saying that his government has taken steps on those issues in which the previous government was hesistant, like the Goods and Service Tax (GST) and triple talaq among the Muslims.

He said his government has the capability of taking decisions and India has overcome the issue of policy paralysis which was the buzzword till 2013 when foreign investors were shaky to even talk about any business opportunities in the country.

Modi said not only India emerged as the world’s sixth largest economy but made it clear that his effort would be to race fast to achieve those milestones which many countries have not attained.

While presenting the report card of his government in which he said that India has become a multi-trillion dollar destination, the Prime Minister touched issues of all sections of citizens and schemes brought by his government.

“India is now seen as a land of reform, perform and transform. We are poised for record economic growth,” Modi said.

However, he avoided to mince a word on the issue of mob lynching in which members of a particular community has been targeted in the recent times.

The Prime Minister also did not speak on the recent controversy over the appointment of judges for the higher judiciary but took pride that for the first time since independence, the Supreme Court of India has three women judges. It was never in the past that the apex court had more than two sitting female judges.

Some of the announcements that Modi made needs to be mentioned.

He said “Indian astronaut, be it son or daughter, will go into space in Gaganyaan by the year 2022.”

Modi also announced that women personnel recruited through short service commission in defence forces will be given permanent commission like men.

He also lauded the role of armed forces and did not forget to mention the surgical strike carried by the army across the border.

Political pundits here are summing up his address to the nation as a speech which covered all aspects that has to be highlighted during the election rallies.

They say Modi is ready to take on challenges with opposition as India prepares for the 2019 general elections.