Freebies not good for democracy: Venkaiah Naidu

The poll campaigning in Telangana has been done and dusted. People of Telangana have eventually got some peace from the innumerable rallies, sound pollution and even aggressive poll advertisements. The youngest state in India will vote for its second assembly on Friday under tight security at polling stations.

The most common thing that we hear in political campaigns is the Poll promises, which sometimes go beyond one’s expectation. In present-day politics, every party focuses on freebies to lure voters. “Such promises are mostly made for electoral gains and not for State or Nation’s development as a whole”, says Vice President Venkaiah Naidu.

Speaking to the reporters at Swarna Bharat Trust, Venkaiah Naidu said that parties must leave the age-old strategy of providing freebies to lure voters. “They talk of farm loan waivers, free health schemes, free food and free education. It is equally important that the parties focus on the revenue of the State and the sources of its income before making such promises. Most of those promises cannot be fulfilled and they make excuses for waiving the loans in a phased manner”, Venkaiah Naidu said.

“And when they fail to hold on to the promises, the blame will be made on the previous government citing that the damage done during the previous government cannot be restored in a short time. Though this is true to some extent, why don’t the parties analyse this well before?. The reality is every political party knows about the financial status of the state and still goes on to pamper the public with promises which cannot be achieved in reality. Who will hold these parties accountable for the promises?”, Venkaiah questioned.

As explained by the Vice President, we cast a vote keeping in mind the ability of a party and the promises made by them. But, when the party fails to hold on to the promise, there’s no doubt that the voter has been cheated grossly. There’s no accountability or something like a law for political parties to stick on to the poll promises either. Also, such freebies will only hamper the overall development of the State as funds intended for some developmental activity must be diverted to provide freebies.

‘Real development takes place only when you voice out your wishes, through your valuable vote. Vote for your very own future and not fall prey for freebies’ – TeluguRajyam Team.