Can Balakrishna become Chief Minister

Legend NTR’s son Natasimha Balakrishna celebrated his 60th birthday and now analysts are wondering how far is Balakrishna from the coveted Chief Minister’s post. Many times Balakrishna claimed that for Nandamuri clan,they bring honor to the posts and not vice versa.

Balakrishna always boast that he is the heir for NTR. But he cannot make that claim in politics. This because his brother in law Chandra Babu Naidu is heading the TDP and his son Nara Lokesh happens to be his son in law.

Balakrishna is well aware that after Chandra Babu, Lokesh will take over the reins of the party. So Balakrishna has no chance to become the Chief Minister. For that matter even though Balakrishna dreams of becoming a minister, Chandra Babu will not fulfill it. Had Chandra Babu loves Balakrishna so much,he would have made him the minister long time back.

Balakrishna’s fans are dreaming of seeing their hero as the Chief Minister. Few fans even wished him saying ‘ Future CM Balakrishna’. Balakrsihna who made many controversial comments however took care not to talk of any political post. Few fans also commented that Balakrishna is a remote in the hands of Chandra Babu. So Balakrishna forgets about becoming the Chief Minister cannot even become a Minister and it is extremely difficult for TDP to regain his lost power. Even if TDP regains power, Chandra Babu will not make him the minister.

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