“World Tour Lyrical Video” Out From TUK TUK

The fun-filled entertainer Tuk Tuk, starring Harsha Rohan, Karthikeya Dev, Steven Madhu, Sanvi Meghana, and Nihal Kodati in lead roles. Is being produced under the banners of Chitravahini and RYJ by Rahul Reddy, Lokku Srivarun, Sriramulu Reddy, and Supreet C. Krishna. The movie is directed by C. Supreet Krishna. The recently released promotional posters of this film have captivated everyone.

Now, the first lyrical song from this movie, titled “World Tour Nazbhaja Ja..Ja..Ra Kathalenno Vinara… Mana Katha Vinnani Di Ra..”, has been released. The song, composed and sung by Santhu Omkar, features lyrics penned by the director Supreet himself. This youth-oriented, trendy song is appealing to everyone, with catchy tunes and lyrics.

The director commented, “Tuk Tuk will be a delightful cinematic experience. The new fantasy elements in the movie will surprise the audience. Every scene in the movie is designed to entertain, offering a fresh experience to viewers, especially appealing to the youth.” He added, “Tuk Tuk is an exciting cinematic ride that we believe will impress audiences of all demographics.”

– Harsha Rohan
– Karthikeya Dev
– Steven Madhu
– Sanvi Meghana
– Nihal Kodati

Technical Team:
– Director: C. Supreet Krishna
– Cinematographer: Karthik Saikumar
– Music: Santhu Omkar
– Editor: Ashwath Shivakumar
– Producers: Rahul Reddy, Lokku Srivarun, Sriramulu Reddy, Supreet C. Krishna
– PRO: Eluru Srinu, Madhuri Madhu
– Digital Media: Picture Pitch