Why They Are Targeting Sai Pallavi?

Rivalries in the film industry are on the rise, with some individuals from PR teams resorting to smear campaigns. This has become a common practice, affecting the culture in the Telugu film industry. Such unnecessary controversies have even affected the personal lives of celebrities, acquaintances, and well-wishers, leading to intense repercussions.

The primary reason behind these negative publicity campaigns seems to be to tarnish the reputation of rival teams. They have adopted this as a routine practice, which has introduced a new culture of hostility in the industry. The recent case involving Sai Pallavi exemplifies this trend. She was recently subjected to undue criticism and character assassination during a film’s inauguration ceremony, which was orchestrated by certain PR teams.

Some celebrities have been targeted with these smear campaigns, which have had a detrimental impact on their careers. It is worth noting that Sai Pallavi has not allowed these incidents to deter her spirit. She has responded gracefully, showing maturity on social media. While some individuals without any productive roles in the industry continue to indulge in such negative practices, Sai Pallavi’s dignified response has garnered much support.

It is crucial to highlight that legal teams are actively working on behalf of Sai Pallavi to address these smear campaigns effectively. Her team has also taken measures to curb these practices. The Telugu film industry’s fans are eagerly awaiting a change in the prevailing culture, which has become a concern for some time now.