When Puri Jagannadh cheated actor Venu

Actor Venu Thottempudi was one of the actors in most demand during the early 2000s to mid-2000s. Swayamvaram, Chirunavvutho, Hanuman Junction, Pellam Oorelthe and a few other movies made Venu, a busy artist. However, Venu has taken a long break from movies citing some unsaid reasons. The actor who is back to films with Ravi Teja’s Rama Rao On Duty has revealed some startling facts in Ali’s talk show.

Venu said that director Puri Jagannadh has approached him for Itlu Sravani Subramnyam movie but later made it with Raviteja. Puri had once again narrated Desamuduru story to Venu and assured that he would play the hero in the movie. But, to his shock again, the movie went to Allu Arjun and helped him reach new heights as a star hero.

Though Itlu Sravani Subramanyam would’ve suited Venu’s image, Desamuduru would not definitely have suited Venu’s image and Allu Arjun suited the role perfectly.