Vijay Devarakonda’s emotional message on 1st anniversary of Dear Come

Dear Comrade is the film that impressed the class audience and won applause. But sadly, the film did not click at the box office. The film has completed one year now and hero Vijay Devarakonda penned an emotional note on this occasion.

He says “I have so many feelings from Dear Comrade – it’s hard to put it into a few words. Today if it was offered to me, I would go straight back to that team and story and make it again! Everyone in that film, I’ll always have a special place for you in my heart.. It’s a film whose release and incidents that happened around then changed me- I am sure I’ll talk to you about it someday.

Adding further Vijay says “Today Let’s celebrate the victory of fighters like Lilly and Bobby. Let’s celebrate the beautiful writing of this film. Let’s celebrate the incredible music of this film. Let’s celebrate the undying spirit of this film. I’ll leave you with my final thoughts – for us. Dream, dream big. and ..If they do not let you dream, You do not let them sleep!

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