Venkatesh Follows Nagarjuna

Following the success of his recent venture in the landmark 75th film, “Saindhav.” Victory Venkatesh faced high expectations that the movie didn’t fully meet despite attempting something different. However, recent reports suggest that Venkatesh is gearing up for a return to his forte – the entertainment zone, with a focus on a rural story.

The buzz in the industry indicates that Victory Venkatesh is all set to reunite with the successful director Anil Ravipudi for another full-fledged entertaining film. This collaboration would mark the third film for Venkatesh and Anil Ravipudi, building on the success of their previous collaborations, “F2” and “F3,” with the former being a significant hit for Venky.

Speculations suggest that the upcoming movie will be a family entertainer set against the vibrant backdrop of rural life. Renowned producer Dil Raju is rumored to be backing this project, adding more anticipation to the venture. With speculations indicating a theatrical release during the festive season of Sankranthi in 2025, fans are eagerly anticipating another lively and entertaining addition to Venkatesh’s illustrious filmography.

Notably, Nagarjuna’s recent success with “Naa Saami Ranga,” a rural drama, has further sparked interest in Venkatesh exploring the rural storytelling genre. Fans of the dynamic duo, Venkatesh and Anil Ravipudi, are hopeful for yet another delightful cinematic experience.