Top Gear Movie Review & Rating

Starring: Aadi Sai Kumar, Riya Suman, Brahmaji

Director: Shashikanth

Producer: K.V.Sridhar Reddy

Music Director: Harshavardhan Rameswar

Despite none of his films doing at least average business at the box office, Aadi Saikumar has been releasing movies in a row. After duds like Sashi, Athidi Devo Bhava, Black, Tees Maar Khan, and Crazy Fellow, Aadi Saikumar has come up with a thriller Top Gear. Let’s see if he can score a hit with this movie or not.


Arjun (Aadi Saikumar) is a middle-class guy who works as a cab driver and is newly married. On the other side, several murders happen in the city. The police through their investigation find that David is the man behind these serial killings but they are not aware of his identity. In an unfortunate incident, Arjun becomes an eyewitness to one of the murders that happened in the city. That night changes his fortunes forever and he’s on flee from the police and gangsters as he becomes the most wanted. Will Arjun escape? Who is David? Forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points:

Racy Screenplay

Twists and Turns

Minus Points:

Lack of emotional connect




On the whole, Top Gear is a passable crime thriller with a few interesting twists and thrills. The movie would’ve been a better watch if the director focused more on the story and corrected the illogical scenes.