Tollywood Star Nithiin Creates Political Stir In Nizamabad?

Tollywood actor Nithiin is making waves in the political landscape of Nizamabad district. Speculation is rife that he will enter politics and contest in the upcoming elections, causing turmoil within the ruling BRS party. Simultaneously, there are rumors that he may join the Congress party, leading to concerns among some Congress leaders about where he will be given a seat. The anxiety is particularly heightened since there is a campaign suggesting that he will run from the Nizamabad Rural Constituency.

Nithiin, being a popular young hero from Telangana, enjoys a significant following. A few months ago, he met with the top leader of the BJP and Union Home Minister during his visit to Telangana, which fueled speculation about his political aspirations. However, surprising many, Congress leaders have approached him, indicating that he might be interested in contesting from their party.

The speculation regarding Nithiin’s potential constituency is causing further confusion. Given that Nizamabad is his hometown, it is expected that he would contest from the Nizamabad Rural Assembly constituency rather than the urban one. Nevertheless, sources within the BRS party are concerned that Nithiin would be a formidable opponent regardless of where he runs. Meanwhile, within the Congress party, many leaders believe that his entry would be beneficial, but some aspiring candidates are growing anxious about their chances of securing a ticket.

Former MLC Arikela Narsa Reddy, who recently joined the Congress, has made strong comments in an attempt to downplay Nithiin’s potential impact. He claims that Nithiin should not be taken seriously and lacks substantial support. Reddy suggests that only those who are connected with the people and have their support should be given tickets. It is speculated that his comments were driven by the fear that Nithiin’s entry into the party would make it difficult for him to secure a ticket.