Why is she searching for Honeymoon destinations? 

Memes are going viral in Tollywood that while the​​ entire world is experiencing coronavirus scares, Tollywood stars are getting smitten by marriage fever. Many star heroes claiming that they are single but giving shocks by mingling during the lockdown. Nikhil entered into wedlock, Nitin is waiting for his turn and Rana announced his engagement. Varun Tej and Niharika are in line according to their dad Naga Babu.

There are many heroines who are in the queue. Anushka, Trisha, Kajal all crossed the 30s. While Anushka’s mother revealed that she is looking for someone like Prabhas for her daughter and in the meantime, Kajal according to sources is searching for honeymoon destinations.

Inside talk is she is asking her close aides to tell her about beautiful honeymoon destinations. People are wondering whether Kajal will soon enter into wedlock. Kajal is currently romancing Chiranjeevi in Acharya and Kamal Haasan in Indian 2.