RGV’s Nagnam(Naked) sensation after Climax

Ram Gopal Varma is not holding back his horses unlike other filmmakers even when coronavirus is spreading its wings and lockdown is imposed.

He released his adult film Climax featuring Mia Malkova of GST fame. Though his Climax turned out to be anti climax with negative reviews, RGV claims that the film turned out to be a huge hit on OTT platform and the servers crashed with in minutes of Climax release.

RGV is coming with a film titled CoronaVirus. Now overjoyed with the response to Climax,Ram Gopal Varma announced his next titled Nagnam (Naked). He as usual released the Nagnam (Naked) trailer.

He proudly claimed that he is no Rajamouli and would release the trailer as promised. The 1.33 minute trailer concentrated on highlighting the beauty,curves and angles of the actress and didnot have much to rave about. He concentrated only on highlighting the nakedness of the actress and didnot explain why he did so.

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