RGV mocks Balakrishna’s Shivashankari

Natasimha Balakrishna is celebrating his 60th birthday today. A head of his birthday, Balakrishna delighted his fans by sharing a video in which he sang the iconic song ‘Shiva Shankari’ sung by legendary singer Ghantasala from his dad NTR’s superhit film Jagadekaveeruni Katha.

While Balakrishna’s fans are super happy with their star singing the iconic song, movie lovers, music lovers and critics are blasting Balakrishna for murdering and insulting the icons Ghantasala and even his dad NTR.

In the midst of all this, Ram Gopal Varma who is known for his frank talk mocked Balakrishna. He posted ” Wow Mohammed Rafi and SPB are like junior artistes in singing.. The pulsing beat in his soothing emotional chords will rise the heart beat of listeners. it’s Othello’s Ballad mixed with Shankara Shastry and Mozart providing the musical landscape”

He continued saying “Some BAD people are thinking I am JOKING  but I SWEAR  on GOD and BALAYYA that I think this is the GREATEST SONG I heard since MUSIC was INVENTED..Am sure NTR in heaven is JUMPING in JOY. Hearty ADVANCE BIRTHDAY to BALAYYA BABU ..I so want to thank you for making me forget BB 1 and BB 2 with ur BB 3,”

Balakrishna is starring in a high octane action entertainer under the direction of Boyapati Srinu while RGV came with Climax during the lockdown and also lined up projects like CoronaVirus and Nagnam(Naked) to stun viewers. 

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